To Our Valued Clients:

During the unprecedented public health emergency surrounding the Coronavirus, we want to keep you informed about our contingency plans to keep our operations running with minimal disruption. Here’s what we know now and the measures we’re taking:

  • We have transitioned the majority of our staff to work at their homes during the next several weeks. This would likely sacrifice a little efficiency; however, our workflow, including all payroll, bookkeeping, tax filings, etc., can continue securely and uninterrupted. We will advise you if and when we take this step.

  • Our main switchboard will remain open. All of our staff have access to their emails during regular business hours.

  • See our Latest Federal Updates section below for new information on the tax filing deadline and other updates as they are released.

We understand and share your concern about Coronavirus and public health, and we’re doing our part to help mitigate the spread of the virus while minimizing any disruption to productivity and workflow.

Finally, we want to impress upon you the enormity of the economic impact this crisis is imposing on our local business communities. Most small businesses simply don’t have the resources to weather an unprecedented event like this for an extended time period. I strongly encourage you to support your local merchants and business community in every way possible while we all work together to overcome this great challenge.